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If you can even believe it, which I can’t. I hope everyone has some awesome summer goals and challenges starting up this week! I have been doing challenges since January.  That means that I am on challenge 6 already.  Half way through my year of transformation.  Some of them I have failed miserably at, like last month’s meditation challenge which basically didn’t happen.  But some of them have been awesome, like the Whole30 challenge and the grown folks challenge.

This month my goals are going to be pretty simple.  We have a 10 day vacation coming up to Colorado which I will brag about later, I have some work travel, I will be working on hiring a staff and getting office space set up, things are going to be crazy.  So I am sticking with what I know.  Fitness and food challenges.  Challenges that will keep me at 100% without adding stress.

Goal 1:  Be able to comfortable run a 5k by the end of the month.  Somewhere in all of this get fit challenges, I started running again, and I remember why I love it so much.  I am running with a group of women from work, and I’d like to be able to keep up to make it more social.  Besides, I have the dirty girl in August so now is the time to get ready.  I have been running pretty long distances, but with the dogs it’s a lot of stop and go.

Goal 2: Primal Blueprint/clean eating 20/80.    I’ve got to get my diet into a groove just like my working out.  I can’t spend the rest of my life doing diet challenges but never really having a plan for myself.  I have started with good habits like food tracking and eating well for the most part.  Drinking needs to become more of a celebration, eating out should happen once a week tops and healthy choices need to become my default.

This leads me to my kick-off.  I call it the post familial celebration cleanse.

1 week of strict paleo eating with a bigger focus on lean meats than I traditionally do.  Along with paleo eating, I am going to try to quit caffeine.  That’s right.  I said it.  At work caffiene jacks me up, then all I want to do it eat out the candy bowl at the lady’s desk next to me.  Not cool lady, not cool.

April challenge is going to be easy.  Well not easy, but simple to track.  2000 fitness minutes.  That averages out to 66 minutes a day.  The snow has melted, the temp is (sort of) rising and my muscles have almost atrophied from a winter of hating the outdoors. Every year in April I do a big kick-off to summer where I pledge to get my ass moving.

For the record, when I break a sweat I count it as fitness, so heavy cleaning ends up going into the tracker.  This has a double perk because it motivates me to, if nothing else, clean something big.  Since today is the 2nd, and yesterday was spent traveling, I already have some making up to do.  I’ll be adding in the EXTRA LONG WALK this week.  So looking forward to 2+ hours of dog walking and podcasting this weekend.hoping to add some cycling in this month since the Riverwest 24 hour bike race will be here before you know it. 

For nutrition, I want to continue to track my food.  I got into it last month, towards the end and want to continue forward.  I go to FL in 1.5 months and I want to feel good in my bathing suit. 

Challenge Accepted.

I forgot it was April.  Well, in all fairness I was able to spend the last weekend in March with my family in Tennessee and I didn’t care that it was April.  So I will keep my wrap up brief considering I also need to get my next challenge up and going.

Chores: My house is clean, my house is clean, and the whole family has caught the fever.  Daily chores help keep things under control and when I got home yesterday after the hubster’s bachelor weekend, the house was sparkling.  Yay!  Challenges are contagious.

Self Care: I did not go to the dentist.  Old habits die hard.  I will go, in April. But things are more organized around the house and I feel caught up on most things that need to be taken care of.  Budget is dialed in and we have a focus for our savings.

Fitness and food were so so this month.  Not horrible, but not great.  Just not a lot of focus.  Got some cycling in, some running, some crossfit, some yoga, some rock climbing, some hiking, lots of dog walking. All this while trying to rest a sore knee. It was a balanced month and I stayed busy.

Yoga: I’m in love.  While I didn’t have a daily home practice, I did practice and I am seeing awesome results in flexibility, concentration and reflection.  Attended a vinyasa class and got my ass kicked.  My Bikram studio just put in new floors so I am dying to get back in the hot room.  Overall, very pleased with yoga for the month.

Onward and upward.

Chores: I fell off on my chores again this week, but you want to know why?  Because I was working out like a mother fucker. I hit the Bikram 6.00 am twice last week.  That is prime ‘chore doing’ time.  I also managed a couple of long walks with the puppers during the week, something I haven’t done since before winter. I should save that for the fitness section I guess. 

ANYWHO, one thing I did work on this week is my attitude towards my chores.  This is my challenge right? And chores make my house more enjoyable to be in, right?  So why do I whine like a little baby when they need to be done?  One could argue that it is because I just changed birthcontrol and have been on my fucking period for a month.  Actually I think that’s a really good argument and I am going to go with that.  Last week I started a “whine about chores bitchfest”.  About 3 minutes in I told my inner brat to STFU and get something done.  And I did.  I cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom and even did the floors on my hands and knees because I hate mops (long story).  And you know what?  It looks great, it still looks great even after a weekend of cooking.  And I feel satisfied when I am in it, and not twitchy about how gross it is. 

Food: This week went really well.  I shopped on a budget and spent half of what I normally do at the grocery.  Score.  We still ate really well and had too many leftovers in the fridge by the weekend.  I drank very little this week, but did enjoy a beer after a brutal climbing and yoga session.  Both were the best beers that I have had in a long time. I did have quite a lot of grains this week.  When I do Bikram my carb craving goes through the roof.  I stuck with rice and potatoes but had sugar overload a couple of times.  I plan to dial that back in this week.

Fitness: My knee is better for real.  2 Bikram sessions, over 15 miles run/walked, a climbing session and a crosffit session last week.  I am pleased and I feel strong and sore as shit.  I power cleaned 85lbs this weekend which was super exciting.  I haven’t really put much weight on the bar since starting crossfit and I thought my month hiatus would have slowed me down, but the rest was good.  The rest was very good.  I love my ladies CF class.

Personal Care:  This week I did some more organizing, got some rogue bills paid and put money back in savings after almost completely paying off a brutal car repair from last fall.  W00t W00t.  Did a great job keeping the weekend affordable and instead of going out to eat 300 times the hubby bought himself a presentable dinner jacket. 

Yoga: Bikram bikram bikram.  That is about all I did last week with yoga.  Not much in the way of a home practice, but two 6am bikram classes was great.  We have a new teacher who rocks with the technical verbal corrections.  She is a genius, and her 6am Friday classes will be a new staple in my practice.  For her morning classes she focuses more on form because the body is not warmed up and it is a good time to chill out and pay attention to the details.  I concur.  

Chores: Chores I was a little off on this week BUT they got done. This week was hectic.  I worked a couple of nights and eeked in some social time several days this week (which is very unlike me and cuts into my routine). 

Food: This week was not great.  I can’t even call it ok.  I have an issue.  I thought it was with self control but that’s not really it.  The issue is that if I don’t have a plan, I have a hard time objectively assessing how I am doing.  Its easy to say “This was a good week” if I am eating whole30 and don’t allow myself any junk.  But on my own, 1 beer turns into 3, date night turns into me eating tater tots off my hubby’s plate, a plan for a healthy dinner and glass of wine turns into skipping dinner because you lost track of time because you filled up on margaritas at a friends going away party.  See a pattern here?  Anyway, I am recommitting to paleo/whole30 with some modifications.  I’ll be adding beans into my diet again and I will allow one night of alcohol a week.  If I can’t get down with 1 night, I’ll have to be a teetotaler until I start reaching some of my fitness goals. 

Fitness: My knee is better thankfully.  But I still haven’t gotten back to crossfit.  For this I feel slightly guilty and slightly glad that I can walk without wincing.  I had an AMAZING home practice with yoga this week.  Dave Farmar Power Vinyasa is the bomb.  I hope to make it into crow soon.  I also hit up the climbing gym for the first time ever this week.  Fear of heights doesn’t go so well with scaling tall walls, but It was fun, I am sore, and I have a month membership to the gym.  If at first you are scared as shit, try try again.  Got in some long walks with the dogs and some at home strength training.  Overall, successful week.

Personal Care:  Still haven’t made my dentist appt.  BUT I did find a new dog sitter, which I have been talking about for 6 months.  And (TMI) I finally got an IUD put in.  5 years of birth control makes me smile.

Yoga: Awesome week for yoga.  Spent tons of time on my mat at home.  Haven’t been back to Bikram in a while, but I am hoping to squeeze it in this week.  I was just adjusting to getting up at 5.00 am to make my 6.00 am class and now that 5.00 am feels like 4.00 am. 

Chores: Done and Done.  I love my clean house.  I also love the guilt free feeling of doing nothing because my chores are done.

Food: Was this week good?  I don’t really remember.  I did avoid a couple of tempting situations involving desserts, but could not resist cheese fries and wings.  What are you gonna do?  I am pleased with my latest drink choice, the Gin Rickey.  Low in sugar, super refreshing, hydrating!  Swoon.  And I love gin.  So there.  Next week I will not drink during the week, one of my nutritional goals of this challenge.  I didn’t really post nutritional goals for this challenge but I have them.  Because I did my measurements for last month and I saw very little results after a month of fancy free eating and drinking. Shocking.  Time to dial it in.

Fitness: I am nursing a really sore knee.  Because of this, I did yoga home practice all week instead of more intense forms of working out.  That’s right.  After 2 failed months of an attempted daily yoga home practice, I manage to start this challenge off with 4 consecutive days of strong yoga practice.  Hmph.  So much for expectations. I will be getting back to crossfit next week after a hiatus.  After “skiing” yesterday, the knee is stiff but not painful so I am ready to go back.

Personal Care:  I brushed like a champ, but still haven’t set up my dentist appt.  I filed and organized last week!  I have not cleaned out yet.  There is snow on the ground. And the dumpsters, and the sidewalks.  That’ll have to wait.

Yoga: Look, yoga has it’s own spot.  Why?  Because after a strong first week of home practice, I am adding a 30 day challenge to this month!  One of these days, my home practice will be second nature.  The only way for that to happen is persistence. 

And an aside, my screen time has dipped dramatically already with no monitoring on my part.  My habits, they are a-changin’.