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Salad of the year. (Taken with instagram)

YES, it is camping season.  Very excited to spend some time sleeping outside.

Carrots “noodles”. (Taken with instagram)

And even more info on the red meat study.  Mark’s Daily Apple. 

nearlymorning replied to your post: Minimalism in the Primal Kitchen | The Primal Parent

"just curious: is eating raw meat something that is considered an ideal in paleo by most? humans are able to absorb more nutrients from meat when it’s cooked vs. raw"

I have never heard that raw meat is preferred. I know that Peggy went raw to deal with some health issues. I geeked out in her blog a while back and read her story. It’s interesting. As far as nutrients are concerned my guess is that it depends on your gut. If cooked meat upsets your stomach and flies through your digestive track then you aren’t absorbing much of anything. So if eating raw meat allows you to digest it better then you may see better results.

I have already reached a point in my primal eating where I am pairing down not only in the difficulty of meal but in the COST!  I can’t handle going mostly raw (raw beef I still can’t wrap my head around) like Peggy did, but I am slowly figuring out what it will take for me to eat healthy without having to spend most of my time in the kitchen and most of my paycheck at the grocery. 

Zoe Harcombe is one of my fav nutrition geeks and researcher extraordinaire. This is her first stab at the issue.

My apologies for what is bound to be a Food Lover’s inundation on “Find your edge”.  Intro to paleo meal plan.  I love meal plans. 

Food Lovers has a new Bea Site up!  I have an undying love to this food blog.  Can’t wait to play around with the new site.

Short ribs!!!! (Taken with instagram)

Lamb shanks browned and ready to braise. (Taken with instagram)

Garlic anchovy paste for braised lamb shanks. (Taken with instagram)

Chores: Done and Done.  I love my clean house.  I also love the guilt free feeling of doing nothing because my chores are done.

Food: Was this week good?  I don’t really remember.  I did avoid a couple of tempting situations involving desserts, but could not resist cheese fries and wings.  What are you gonna do?  I am pleased with my latest drink choice, the Gin Rickey.  Low in sugar, super refreshing, hydrating!  Swoon.  And I love gin.  So there.  Next week I will not drink during the week, one of my nutritional goals of this challenge.  I didn’t really post nutritional goals for this challenge but I have them.  Because I did my measurements for last month and I saw very little results after a month of fancy free eating and drinking. Shocking.  Time to dial it in.

Fitness: I am nursing a really sore knee.  Because of this, I did yoga home practice all week instead of more intense forms of working out.  That’s right.  After 2 failed months of an attempted daily yoga home practice, I manage to start this challenge off with 4 consecutive days of strong yoga practice.  Hmph.  So much for expectations. I will be getting back to crossfit next week after a hiatus.  After “skiing” yesterday, the knee is stiff but not painful so I am ready to go back.

Personal Care:  I brushed like a champ, but still haven’t set up my dentist appt.  I filed and organized last week!  I have not cleaned out yet.  There is snow on the ground. And the dumpsters, and the sidewalks.  That’ll have to wait.

Yoga: Look, yoga has it’s own spot.  Why?  Because after a strong first week of home practice, I am adding a 30 day challenge to this month!  One of these days, my home practice will be second nature.  The only way for that to happen is persistence. 

And an aside, my screen time has dipped dramatically already with no monitoring on my part.  My habits, they are a-changin’.

Pork shoulder is the best kept secret ever. 5 spice roasted pork shoulder from “the cook and the butcher” (Taken with instagram)